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How it works

Wanna know how the system works?
Just picture a fleet of 500 robots using 200,000+ user reviews and lab-tested cannabinoid & terpene data to deliver your best possible strain recommendation. Yeah, it's that good.


Our story

This cannabis startup does things differently. We want to help people have the best possible cannabis experience and get the most bang out of their canna-buck. This is the next generation of budtending.


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Customer Reviews


It’s so simple and actually very accurate, Blue Dream was the exact kind of weed I was looking for!


I used to waste so much time researching what cannabis strains to purchase, but not anymore. Thanks StrainBrain!


If you are as indecisive as me, StrainBrain would be perfect for you too.


Finding The Right Cannabis

Whether you’re still learning or a pro, “indica” and “sativa” are two terms you’ll come across when making your cannabis purchase. Are you looking for the energizing cerebral rush of sativa? Or do you want the relaxing full-bodied high of indica? Understanding their differences is the first step to finding your perfect strain.

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