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What we can do for you

Increase engagement

Customers love using the StrainBrain engine, and it shows. Enjoy an increased conversion rate when StrainBrain users buy their recommendated strains.

Set your dispensary apart

Differentiate your store from a sea of competitors offering the same products. StrainBrain gives customers a reason to choose you over the rest.

Create customer loyalty

Turn one-time buyers into loyal, repeat customers by providing a service that lets them know that their needs matter.


“Made my weekend purchases based on my StrainBrain recommendations. I am not disappointed. Even our most knowledgeable and skeptical associates were impressed with its accuracy!”

— Kerry-Lee McMaster
Store Manager, Stash & Co

“StrainBrain's AI Budtender was a huge boost to the online customer experience. It helped us bring to life our mission of demystifying the cannabis shopping experience, and set ourselves even further apart from other stores in Michigan.”

— Jim Anstey
CMO, Cloud Cannabis

AI-powered budtending at your fingertips.

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Our story

We created StrainBrain to help customers who were overwhelmed and turned off by the immense selection of strains and confusing factors differentiating them.

By efficiently matching users with their ideal strains, each person gets the most bang out of their canna-buck, increasing the value of their cannabis, and making everything better for all involved.


How does StrainBrain work?

We use machine learning methods with our dataset of millions of data points from hundreds of thousands of user reviews, verified budtender reviews from the Budtenders Association, and lab-tested cannabinoid and terpene data to deliver personalized recommendations.

Is StrainBrain online only?

We have a quickly deployable embedded engine for your website and are building a progressive web-app that you can access from in-store tablets.

Will StrainBrain recommend out-of-stock strains?

We integrate with your existing software to only recommend strains that you have in stock and are ready to sell.

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